Recommended Bible Study References

On this page, I will compile a list of recommended Bible study references. These resources will feature strong support for theologically Arminian and Openness readings. This document will be regularly updated.

Recommended Authors: These writers have each written many books. It is nearly impossible to go wrong with anything you pick up to read that is authored by one of these scholars.

Walter Brueggemann
Terrance Fretheim
John Goldingay
Craig Keener
Scot McKnight
N. T. Wright


The New Interpreter's Bible Commentary Volume I. Abingdon.
Incidentally, the more I read from this commentary set the more I respect it. Many of the commentaries are really good. Some are kind of sterile and unhelpful. I carefully went through the commentary on Zechariah, by Ben C. Olenbuger. Marvelous! I read "at" the Daniel commentary by Daniel L. Smith Christopher. It appears to be quite excellent.
Walter Brueggemann. Genesis, Interpretation Commentary. WJK.

Terence E. Fretheim. Exodus, Interpretation Commentary. WJK.
Thomas B. Dozeman. New Interpreter's Study Bible. Abingdon.

Terance E. Fretheim. "Numbers" in The Oxford Bible Commentary. OUP.

Walther Brueggemann. Deuteronomy. Abingdon.

1 & 2 Samuel:
Carol Grizzard. New Interpreter's Study Bible. Abingdon.

1 & 2 Kings:
Karen Strand Winslow. 1 & 2 Kings, New Beacon Bible Commentary. BHP.
Terrance Fretheim. First and Second Kings (Westminster Bible Companion). WJK.

Terrance Fretheim. Common English Bible Study Bible. Abingdon.
Terrance Fretheim wrote the study notes on Job in this volume. Those notes make the whole volume worth the price.
Lisa Davison. New Interpreter's Study Bible. Abingdon.
Lisa Davison's notes on Job are outstanding. Davison takes a rare pessimistic view of Job's interactions with God. She probes waters that most commentators (and translators) try to avoid. Her notes on Job 42:6 are brave.
John Goldingay. Isaiah: Understanding the Bible Commentary Series. Baker.

Alex Varughese. Jeremiah, 2 vols, New Beacon Bible Commentary. BHP, 2008-2010.
Varughese may replace Fretheim as the theologically relational go-to resource on Jeremiah. There are some texts in Jeremiah that leave me scratching my head even after reading the commentaries. Varughese and Fretheim almost always have the same head-scratching comments on those difficult texts. Fretheims's volume is still really expensive and seems to be out of print.
Terrance Fretheim. Jeremiah. Smyth & Helwys, 2002.
Expensive; but better than Varughese's commentary (although Varughese quotes Frethteim extensively). It seems to be out of print. Maybe it will become available in the Bible softwares soon.
Gordon Matties. New Interpreter's Study Bible. Abingdon.

John Goldingay. Daniel, WBC. Zondervan.
This title is often labeled by reviewers as "liberal." That means it is not Calvinist, it is not Premillennial and it assumes pseudepigraphal authorship. Such reviewers may also have in mind Goldingay's penchant for departing from the usual-suspect interpretations. I found this commentary to be fascinating and historically informative. I highly recommend it.
Kenneth M. Craig, Jr. New Interpreter's Study Bible. Abingdon.

Minor Prophets:
John Goldingay. Minor Prophets, Volume 2, UBC. Baker.
There are two authors of this volume. Goldingay contributed the commentaries on Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Haggai.
Grant Osborne. Matthew, Exegetical. Zondervan.
Incidentally, Grant Osborne is preparing a New Testament Commentary set under his own name (Osborne New Testament Commentary Series, verse by verse). Some volumes are already published by Lexham Press. The entire set is probably a must-have. I have not personally seen any of these commentaries in person. I am looking forward to it.
Grant Osborne. Romans, IVPNTC. IVP.
N. T. Wright. Romans, New Interpreter's BC, Vol 9. Abingdon.

Scot McKnight. The Letter of James, NICNT. Eerdmans.

1 & 2 Peter & Jude:
Duane Warden. 1&2 Peter and Jude. Resource Publications.

Richard Bauckham. Jude-2 Peter, WBC. Zondervan.

Marcus Maxwell. Revelation. Hendrickson.
This title was also published by Doubleday. It seems to be out of print; but it can be found in used book retailers.

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