Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to carry a Bible in a Bible tote

I bought a new Bible tote today. The ordeal got me to thinking that I have some pretty strong values when it comes to Bible totes. Why not talk about them in a blog article?

The overall purpose of this blog is Bible study and this article is better categorized as Bibles study.

I want my Bible totes to actually protect my Bible's from damage. You know. They keep the rain off and they take scuffs that might otherwise land on my Bible. The problem is, in at least one circumstance, the Bible tote design can actually damage a Bible worse than just carrying the Bible out in the open.

The tote needs to be designed in such a way that carries the Bible's book-block (all the pages plus the spine) rests in the Bible's cover material. The spine of the Bible needs to be carried towards the bottom. If the spine is at the top, the book-block tends to slowly, over time, pull away from the cover material. The spine rips and the book-block separates from the cover.

For that reason, I prefer Bible totes that have the carrying handle on the zipper side of the tote. Unfortunately, most Bible totes have their handles on the spine-side; so the Bible is carried in the wrong orientation.

In my experience today, I had difficulty finding a tote that is big enough to carry my big Bible. I finally found a nice one that has the handle in the wrong place. That said, all is not lost. There is nothing preventing me from putting my Bible into the tote in such a way that the spine is still carried in the downward orientation. It should get the job done and the purpose of having a Bible tote is served.

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